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Barter Brokers International, business to business trade exchange company, North Carolina, South Carolina, NC, SC
Bart Brokers is one of the leading barter exchange companies in Charleston, SC. Barter allows businesses to exchange services or products through exchange accounts allowing your company in South Carolina save cash and leverage excess inventory or time.
Barter Depot
With over 2,500 checkholders locally and over 10,000 businesses through our
Home | Atlantic Barter
While every Atlantic Barter member is unique, your membership offers you great
Premier Barter Exchange of Charlotte | Trade Network Services
Our members buy and sell products and services with other exchange members using barter dollars, which are equivalent to US dollars.
Internal Revenue Service
Barter Exchanges. Bartering is the trading of one product or service for another.

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New toliets
2 new small toliets never used. I have 2 and they are brank new, replaced with taller toliets r/t person being 6'2. $150.00 or...
100 % pure Lard, Freshly Rendered
This is for 16 oz of 100 % freshly Rendered lard. All Natural, No Additives or any other products. Just Pure Lard Sells on Amazon and other places for up to $20.00 You can have it for only $10.00 $10.00
100 % freshly Rendered Tallow
This is for a jar of freshly rendered Tallow. All Natural with no additives or any other products. This is for 16 oz of Tallow. Sales for alot more on Amazon and other places. Good for you and your skin. Good for cooking It was rendered and then filtered three times to get it as clean as possible. $10.00
Freshly Rendered Tallow 28 oz
This is 28 oz of freshly rendered 100 % tallow, Pure tallow and nothing else. No Additives or any other products. Freshly Rendered and filtered three time to make sure it is clean. Good for cooking and soap making good for your skin. This is 28 oz $15.00
WE ARE PEOPLEREADY Staffing. It’s what we know. Because we’ve been providing staffing solutions, putting people to work, for nearly 30 years. Whether you’re looking for work, or you’re seeking workers for your business, PeopleReady is the North American leader in the industrial and on-demand staffing space. The PeopleReady , located at Charleston, SC is currently hiring a Custodian Responsibilities include: Job Description A Custodian, helps keep a building clean and...

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Barter Exchange User Guidelines
1.  This non-profit Exchange is operated by Bob and Maureen Hoffman (Missionaries to Cyberspace) under the auspices of FamilyNet International Inc (a US based 501(c)(3)).  No fee is charged for use of the Exchange.   2.  Negotiating
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