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Our members buy and sell products and services with other exchange members using barter dollars, which are equivalent to US dollars.
an all-in-one market-place and meeting-place that allows individuals and organisations to buy, sell, swap and meet within trusted communities.
Find, sell, trade, barter, buy any new/used item, service or real estate
Trashbank is an online site where you can barter, buy, sell, trade, or swap your items or services. Trade stuff, sell online, trade items, trade sell.
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Local pick-up preferred, but will ship at the buyer’s expense Kingston Books-9 - IMG_1268 Author: David L. Heiserman Illustrations, Block-Diagrams, Truth Tables, Demonstration Circuits Contents by Chapter Preface: It is no longer very difficult to appreciate the importance and power of digital electronics in the industrial and computer marketplaces. Digital electronics has not always enjoyed this high degree of popularity, however. Being largely restricted to applications in computer... $10.00
Local pick-up preferred, but will ship at the buyer’s expense condition: excellent Kingston – IMG_4978 Authors: Keith Hutton and AMIR Ranjbar, CCIE # 8669 Publisher: Cisco Press Note: This is a college textbook. Certain areas of the book have been Hi-Lited with a yellow marker. Illustrated, block-diagrams, charts Contents by Chapter Introduction 1. Introducing Cisco Network Services Architecture 2. Designing Enterprise Campus Networks 3. Designing Enterprise Edge Connectivity 4... $15.00
Local pick-up preferred, but will ship at the buyer’s expense Kingston - Plant Container – Brass condition: excellent size / dimensions: 7 in H. X 5 1/2 in.W Note: No dings or dents. Can be cleaned with brass polish, like Brasso $15.00
Local pick-up preferred, but will ship at the buyer’s expense. Kingston – Solar Energy Condition: Excellent Book 1 - Solarizing Your Present Home – Edited by Joe Carter Publisher: Rodale Press Illustrated, Project Construction, Charts and Graphs SOLARIZING YOUR PRESENT HOME is the complete homeowner's guide that shows you how to: **stop your house's heat leaks; **find out just how much solar energy it can collect for space and water heating; **build and install... $30.00
Electrical and Electronics Graphic Symbols and Reference Designations condition: excellent Local pick-up preferred, but will ship at the buyers expense. Kingston - Books 15 - IMG_6679 Complete in one Volume all the IEEE Standards and American National Standards Published by: The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. 345 East 47th Street, New York, NY. Quick Reference to Symbols Introduction Contents by chapter 1. Qualifying Symbols 2. Graphic Symbols for Fundamental Items (not... $15.00
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